Ceasefire Broken – Will Israel Stop Appeasing Hamas?

by David Mark

Reports out of Gaza City indicate that Hamas has purposely attacked IDF troops, despite an agreed upon ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.

The IDF Spokesman released the following statement regarding the incident:

“In the last hour, three explosive devices were activated in two different cases in the north of the Gaza Strip near the IDF forces, contrary to the ceasefire agreements. In one of the cases, shots were also fired at the force.
As a result, several fighters were slightly injured. The fighters responded by firing at the sources of the gunfire.
In both cases, the IDF forces stayed within the agreed ceasefire lines.”

Although there was a real question as to whether this would scuttle tonight’s hostage deal – so far it hasn’t. Yet, there have been growing calls to fight back against the attacks Hamas perpetrated during the ceasefire from various voices within the coalition.

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir said the following in response to the attack:

“Hamas has now tried to murder IDF soldiers in the northern Gaza Strip. I call on the Prime Minister not to “contain” the explosion of explosive devices used against our soldiers, and to order the IDF to return and crush Hamas with force. We must not wait until our fighters are killed. We must once again act in accordance with the goal of the war: the total destruction of Hamas.”

This sort of attack is exactly what the opponents of the “ceasefire for hostage deal” have been warning about. While the IDF soldiers only suffered light wounds this time, the idea that Hamas can effectively shoot at Israeli forces without accountability may lead to a disaster.

Sinwar has used the hostages masterfully, with the aim of holding back the IDF. He has bought himself and the rest of Hamas time to put up a fight. Will Israel continue to be swayed by the hostage issue and US pressure or will it finally overcome its fears and ultimately complete the goal of wiping out Hamas? After all, Jews in Israel and around the world have shouted “Never Again” since the Holocaust.

Will this finally be the end?

Unfortunately, as long as the Israeli leadership continues to act in fear of the USA and the West, it will not be able to root out Hamas and other likeminded groups as well as the bulk of the Gazan populace which has been nazified. Only by truly breaking free of the constraints the Biden administration has put on Israel can the Jewish State accomplish the mission it set out for itself after October 7th.

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