World Turns Against China As The CCP’s Narrative Falls Apart

by David Mark

For a moment the Chinese Communist Party appeared to have won the PR game against the Trump Administration. After all, according to their data they had beaten the virus. Their lackeys on the WHO supported the assertion they were helping.

The American MSM supported the Chinese narrative that his was just naturally occurring virus originating in the Wuhan wet market from bats.

President Trump was cornered. The MSM and the democrats appeared to finally have a way to defeat him, but then just like that it all fell apart.

A leaked intelligence report from the Five Eyes intelligence partnership confirmed President Trump’s narrative that the virus did not come from the Wuhan wet market, but most likely from the Wuhan virology lab nearby. The same report showed that the numbers China reported were purposely changed and the information needed to slow the virus was incomplete when shared.

The MSM, so eager to knock Trump now realizes that it must play ball to save face and stay relevant.

With most of the world’s major powers lining up to accuse Beijing of culpability for the virus, the CCP is cornered for the first time since 1989 during the Tiananmen Square protests.

While the USA moves into a forward position agains the CCP, the President seems to have finally gotten his stride back as he has found a target for America’s anger.

People are asking, “Will this be war?”

The question remains moot as the next Cold War has already begun.

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