IDF Research Lab Announces “Significant Breakthrough” with Corona Antibody

by Avi Abelow

Amazing news out of Israel. An IDF research institute has found the antibody that can kill the coronavirus.

Israel’s Defense Minister announced yesterday that the Israel Institute of Biological Research developed a monoclonal neutralizing antibody that can neutralize the disease causing the coronavirus inside carriers’ bodies.

This is a huge development. This is an essential first step in developing a cure. The Director of the Institute, Shmuel Shapira, said that they will now be patenting the antibody formula to then be mass produced.

This is not the development of a vaccine but the development of a medical solution to cure people with the coronavirus.

Again, more tests are still needed and many hurdles still must be crossed to prove its effectiveness before the antibody is mass produced as a cure, but this is a huge first step.

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