This Lady is Changing the World one Jewish Mother at a Time

by Avi Abelow

It is a privilege to know Lori Palatnik and to speak with her. Lori is the co-founder and Director of Momentum Unlimited, an organization that is changing the Jewish world one Jewish mother at a time. Their secret? They hit upon the double whammy recipe to strengthen the Jewish identity of Jews worldwide – bringing Jewish mothers on special Israel trips! The trips inspire the Jewish mothers to strengthen their Jewish identities and then they go home and inspire their homes, because it is the Jewish mother who is the major role in the Jewish home. Don’t trust me, watch the video to hear what Lori has to say about the amazing work they are doing with Jewish mothers all over the world.

Today we also discussed a special project that Lori and Momentum launched all over the world as a special way to say thank you to all the medical professionals on the frontlines of the coronavirus. It is called Care with a Prayer. It is so simple and it makes such a difference!

As they write on the website:

Today, our healthcare workers are on the front lines of a frightening war. Join us in supporting these brave and selfless individuals. Sign up to be matched with a healthcare professional that you can support from afar. Keep them in your prayers. Express gratitude for them. Send good wishes their way. Positive thinking and prayer really can make a world of difference.

When you sign up, we will send you the name, profession, and location of a healthcare worker. If you know healthcare professionals who could use a prayer, please consider submitting their names.

All you need to do is click on this link, sign up to receive the name of a medical professional and then say a prayer for him or her. Simple, beautiful and so powerful.

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