The Israeli device that can help kill Coronavirus

by Leah Rosenberg

How amazing is the Jewish country? This Israeli device can help kill COVID-19. But it is not the only thing that Israel has done to benefit the world.

Soapy – A Unique Israeli Device

It’s creative. It’s useful. It’s a genius idea! People talk about how important it is to wash our hands properly. But how many of us really take the time to do so? Especially in the age of COVID-19, it is critical to wash our hands. But not only to wash them, we have to wash them correctly: spending the right amount of time, using the right amount of soap, etc. One of the ways to prevent getting the disease and spreading it is through proper hand hygiene. It’s so simple, yet it’s also so complex.

Although Soapy, this Israeli device, was invented before Coronavirus, it is in demand now more than ever. Even if we ourselves never come into contact with the machine, it can teach us an important lesson on how crucial it is to wash our hands and to wash them the right way.

Israel is Unselfish

Soapy gives a glimpse into the unselfish attitude of Israel. Israel has created and continues to create technology, medicine, and more for the entire world to benefit from. And agriculturally too! They help farmers worldwide.

Soapy was created mainly for use in India and other developing countries. That means an Israeli created a device specifically for the benefit of others.

We take washing our hands for granted. But proper hand hygiene can help save the world by stopping the spreading of diseases – not only COVID-19. And sadly, not all countries and places in the world have the means to wash their hands well. It is amazing that Israel saw a void in the world and tried to fill it.

G-d destined Israel to be a “light unto the nations.” Israel has definitely worked hard to live up to that standard!

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