The ten worst plagues in history

by Phil Schneider

The coronavirus has taught the entire world many things. But the most important thing is to realize how fragile our lives are. We are all thankfully accustomed to living longer lives than at any other time in history. It is so hard to imagine that a plague could come around and wipe out so much. But a quarter of a million deaths later, the world has received a shocking wake-up call.

The key to understanding what our lessons to glean from this world pandemic is to first recognize that the world is not a random set of people that live in a random way. There is indeed a Creator that has put things in motion and we all are part of the great gift that is our world. But we must never take for granted the great gift that is our life. We should never forget how precious our families are, even if we have some issues to work out. It is all a gift from the One above. But it is our choice if we want to choose to appreciate it.

In the Holy Book of the Mishna, part of the Oral Law that was passed down to Moses at Mt. Sinai, it says that we must always treat every day of our life as if it was the day that we will die. The idea behind this is to treat time with preciousness. If we choose to use our time effectively and focus on the most important things, our family and homes, then we can build out from a solid foundation. That seems to be one of the messages of this pandemic from the One above. First off, start from the basics and then build out.

Col. Kemp

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