China is exploiting COVID-19 to take over America

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the Chinese government trying to accomplish? Why are they doing this to America and to the world? It is just wrong, to say the least.

Chinese Takeover of America?

Because of COVID-19, many American companies have gone bankrupt. And who is there to “save the day?” China. Except, it is not exactly saving the day. They are buying out American companies that have gone bankrupt so that they themselves own more. They are trying to bring America to its knees economically. It would be an absolute nightmare if they succeed. It is the virus that originated in China that’s the cause of the bankruptcy! How ironic…

China Using Corona to Benefit Itself

Although it is believed that China did not purposely create Coronavirus, they are most definitely exploiting it. They are taking advantage of everyone else’s disadvantages. They are taking advantage of other countries’ struggles. China is profiting from the suffering of the entire world! It is truly sickening.

Bringing Back “Made in America”

People are calling on Americans to support American businesses and bring back the concept of things being made in America as oppose to China. Trump has said it. Brigitte Gabriel has a campaign for it. But no matter how often it is said, it is up to the American people to make it happen. It is not only about the fact that China can, at any moment, stop providing products to America. Practically speaking, that is one reason to support American companies. But the other reason is a moral one. The fact that China is trying to take over America (and really the world), and the fact that they are using Coronavirus to do it now is just horrendous.

We are living in crazy times. It is almost too much to believe. A virus that has taken over the entire world. A country, where the virus originated, taking advantage and attempting to take over the world. It might seem like it can’t all be true, but sadly, we know all too well that it is.

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