Candace Owens destroys former CNN reporter on racism

by Leah Rosenberg

Candace Owens is intelligent and well educated. When people debate her, they just don’t stand a chance, as you can see here…

Candace Owens & Marc Lamont Hill

Listening to Candace Owens speak about racism is brilliant. She comes prepared. She comes with the truth. Anytime she speaks, it just makes sense. Owens is so aware of reality that it is hard to argue with her.

Marc Lamont Hill tried, but he could not succeed. And the thing is, some of what he said, he does not really believe himself. When asked if Jews should also have their own place to the exclusion of others, he said he supported that idea. But does he? (Note: Brandeis is in Waltham, Massachusetts – NOT New York, as Hill said).

Marc Lamont Hill is an Antisemite

Marc Lamont Hill has proven time and time again that he is an antisemite. He has rejected Israel, called for its destruction, and has really not shown favor toward the Jewish people. There is proof – on camera!

So what is he doing here, sounding all peaceful and supportive? He is lying, that is what he is doing. To begin with, his premise sounds absurd. But on top of that, he claims he would be fine with Jews or whites excluding other races and religions, but we all know he wouldn’t be.

Don’t be fooled anymore. The people who support the types of ideas that Hill supports are not peaceful. They are trying to deceive the world. Please, don’t fall for it.

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