China Remains US Enemy Number One and Israel Should Worry

by Micha Gefen

For all of President Trump’s scapegoating China for the Wuhan Virus, there remains an important realization that the the Chinese Communist Party, that runs China, remains enemy number one for the free world.

From the Security Law imposed on Hong Kong, to the bullying Beijing does against disadvantaged African countries through lopsided investment agreements, the communist leaders have positioned themselves as the inheritors of Earth.

The CCP has played the world and we have let it play us. After all, we want cheap products and they are willing to make them for us. From their point of view these products are the drug that keeps the world looking the other way, while the Communist Regime takes more and more control of the planet.

Israel and China

During the Obama years, Israel became enamored in Chinese overtures to it. “We are ancient cultures,” their leaders told us. I will be honest, it felt great to be respected during those years. However, the CCP is not an ancient culture. They are a paranoid totalitarian regime bent on using the surveillance state to control their population while wrapping themselves in a veneer of traditionalism.

Israel’s rush to embrace the East due to a very different West has now put it in a very uncomfortable situation. China has invested heavily in Israel and wants to use its ports to control the Eastern Mediterranean, something that has not been lost on the US.

With tensions rising between China and West, Israel needs to decide very fast whose side it is on. If not it may face the wrath of both.

Dr. Risch

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