Harvard Grad BLM Activist Records Online Death Threat and Loses Her Dream Job

by Avi Abelow

The woman issuing this death threat is a Harvard graduate. Considering Harvard is an Ivy League school, where the brightest of the brightest in the world study, this is quite a sad and scary spectacle to see. 

Isn’t she smart enough to know not to threaten to kill people? Especially in an online video? What was she thinking? Unfortunately, we know. 

She thinks she is “privileged” to issue a death threat because everyone who says “all lives matter” is a racist deserving death. This is beyond scary. This is outright dangerous. 

Isn’t that ironic? Leftists protest against “privilege”, yet it is their self-centered “privilege” that allows them to delegitimize, and dehumanize, all whom they disagree with. 

Thankfully, she is paying a harsh price for this dangerous, threatening rant of hers. She was just fired from her “dream job” at the multi-national firm Deloitte. Life lesson, you are rewarded and/or punished for your actions. Thank you Deloitte for standing up to the leftist pressure that is trying to shake it into reversing that decision. 

Honestly, I feel sad for the girl. However, it is important that today’s radical leftists learn that there are consequences in life. While one is free to say what they want and free to protest, if a line is crossed then one has to pay the price. In today’s ultra-politically correct leftist society where kids receive participation trophies so nobody’s “feelings are hurt”, it is about time that they learn that there disappointments in life and you pay a price for your actions. That’s the ABC of life that the ultra left, leftists who have taken over many educational institutions including Universities, have denied teaching today’s youth.

I hope some of today’s ultra leftists are learning from this woman’s mistake. Because she is definitely not. Instead of taking responsibility for issuing a death threat to all people she disagreed with, she is doubling down and blaming those people whose life she threatened. This is tremendously sad to witness. This is a Harvard graduate? Just watch and judge for yourself.

May G-d bless us all to have as many of these brainwashed leftists wake up to the realities of life before they hurt others or themselves.

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