Marc Lamont Hill’s frightening not-so-peaceful solution

by Leah Rosenberg

What does Marc Lamont Hill really think about the State of Israel.  This short presentation by The Lawfare Project does a great job of presenting the real views of Marc Lamont Hill.  What kind of a solution does he believe in?  You decide.

“From the River to the Sea”

There are very few phrases that bring out a person’s true colors about Israel than this phrase.  Marc Lamont Hill said it.  What does it mean?  Simply put, it means that there should not be a State of Israel.

The State of Israel is located between the Jordan River in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the West.  Anyone who says that phrase means that there should only be one state – an Arab state called Palestine.

The “Palestinian” Lie

The entire notion of who’s land is it between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is indeed an important question.  The problem is that the entire notion of an Arab claim to any part of the land is a sham.  Moreover, any concept of a separate “Palestinian” nation has no basis whatsoever.

Before 1948 and the founding of the State of Israel, nearly any time people referred to “Palestinians,” they referred to Jews.  That is because the Jews who lived in the Land of Israel under the British Mandate were often coined Palestinians.  The area was often called Palestine.  In Palestine, there were two groups – Arabs and Jews who sometimes were called Palestinians.

But there was never Arabs who were called Palestinians.  The term “Palestinians,” as if they were a unique entity of Arabs only began in the early 1970’s.  It has no basis whatsoever in history or truth.


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