Iran violates U.N. resolutions and the world is silent

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the point of U.N. resolutions if the world won’t condemn those who violate them? Iran has violated multiple resolutions on many occasions!


The Iranian regime is a terrorist regime. They supply the resources to terrorist organizations and are the top state sponsors of terrorism.  Hezbollah and Hamas, both targeting Israel in attempt to destroy the Jewish state and the Jewish people, have been benefitting from Iran.

So it is not surprising that Iran has violated U.N. resolutions such as running multiple ballistic missile tests, firing missiles into Iraq and Syria, and as mentioned above, arming terrorist organizations.  The leaders of Iran call for the destruction of Israel AND America!  Wake up world! Iran is not a peaceful regime right now!

U.N. Resolutions

The United Nations is supposed to help keep the peace in the world. But the U.N. is not accomplishing their goals. U.N. resolutions are supposed to be kept. And when they are not, the U.N. must condemn and act to stop the violations.

But that is not happening. They seem to condemn the wrong things.  Why won’t the United Nations condemn Iran, Hamas, or Hezbollah, but they will condemn Israel on false accusations?

Something needs to change in the way the world deals with the “good” and the “evil.”  Because right now, everything is upside down. Good is bad and bad is good. And if that does not change soon, the potential outcome is extremely frightening.

No one wants to experience what will happen if things continue this way.

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