Bibi went to northern Israel and opened up to Fox News

by Leah Rosenberg

Pete Hegseth from Fox News sat down with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the tension in Israel’s north.

Terror tunnels from Hizbullah

Prime Minister Netanyahu has made the choice to open up a massive media blitz and military operation against the Hizbullah.  The Hizbullah sits right above Israel’s northern border and has amassed tens of thousands of missiles.  They receive funding and direction from Iran.  There is no question that Prime Minister Netanyahu seems very driven to minimize the threat from Israel’s north in the not-too-distant future.

The United States – Israel Bond

“The USA is not only our greatest ally, it’s a unique ally.  It’s the bond of values, of a common heritage…of freedom and democracy, of truth.”  This is a very important statement by Prime Minister Netanyahu.  It is true as he says that Israel’s relations with the United States have never been stronger.

The political career of Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu began his political career after a rather short stint in the business world.  He was a young man in his 30’s at the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991.  James Baker, The United States Secretary of State was very aware of the talents and hawkish views of the young Netanyahu, and he made it a point to sideline him from the talks.  The Bush/Baker led Madrid Peace Process was very tough on Israel.  A young Netanyahu took note.


In the Clinton Administration, Benjamin Netanyahu rose to be a young leader of the opposition.  Yitzhak Rabin was the new elected Prime Minister and the tragic Oslo Agreement was the central feature of his term.  Bill Clinton and Yitzhak Rabin got along fine, but in his term, Israel basically sold out its own people by arming a fifth column in its midst.  Soon after the Rabin assassination, Benjamin Netanyahu was elected Prime Minister and struggled with President Clinton.

George Bush and Barack Obama

Netanyahu served with both George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  Of course, it was easier with Bush, but they also had some issues.  However, the eight years that Netanyahu persevered with Barack Obama may very well be one of his best foreign policy accomplishments.  There was constant friction and a clear non-meeting of the minds.

So, to see a relaxed Prime Minister Netanyahu discuss the US-Israel relationship is gratifying.

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