The future car is in Israel’s hands

by Leah Rosenberg

The future car is not so far away. We will probably be driving these amazing technological specimens within a decade. Even today, some new cars possess some of the advances that the future cars will possess.

The car of the future is not so far away from becoming a reality.  This is not an all or nothing matter.  There are so many ways that cars will still have drivers, but be 10 x’s safer than they are today.  Even today, much of the technology of MobileEye is already transforming many cars.

Safety is #1

The fact that today, there are so many sensors in so many new cars is already changing driving for so many people.  But, it is one thing to have sensors that make sure that a car doesn’t get too close to another car when parking.  It is quite another thing to have a sensor that makes sure that a car doesn’t stray from a lane while driving 60 miles per hour and hit another car.  One saves a bumper.  The other saves multiple lives.

This is where things are going.  People will perhaps still sit in front of a steering wheel.  But, the car will protect them from getting into accidents in ways that are super-impressive.

Ease + Cybersafety

Many young or old drivers struggle with driving.  If there are more advances in technology that protect drivers, then people will be less nervous about it.  Driving is the most dangerous activity today that nearly everybody does.  If all of the advances improve ease and safety by 10%, that would be a sea-change.  But, most experts think it will be much better than that.

The other major concern of smart cars is that bad elements in the world could penetrate computer systems of people’s cars and wreak havoc.  That is why Israel is perfectly suited to deal with smart cars.  Israeli companies are on the cutting edge of cybersecurity.

So, we look forward to a safer, easier car in the coming decade – Made in Israel.



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