The British government pays “Palestinian” terrorists to kill Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

The British government is supposed to be an ally of Israel. But they are funding the salary of “Palestinian” terrorists who kill Israelis.

British Government Funding Pay for Slay

The “Palestinian” leadership pays terrorists for killing the Jewish people. It is called “Pay for Slay.” Men, women, and even children. They do not value life, so the bigger the attack, the better in the eyes of the “Palestinian” Authority (PA). It is sick and disturbing, but it is true. The PA encourages hate, murder, and violence. They teach their children this twisted mindset as well.

And here is some surprising information: The British government is funding this continuous murdering of innocent Jewish souls! Indeed, they actually give money to the “Palestinian” Authority. And they are using YOUR money to do so. Is this where you want your money to go?

Britain is not the Only One…

Britain’s government is not the only one to fund terrorism and the murdering of Jews. It seems hard to believe. The Canadian government has been funding terrorism as well. The Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau uses Canadian tax dollars to fund Hamas. Yes, Hamas – the terrorist organization. America decided to cut funding to the UN bodies which are funding terrorism. And Trudeau chose to make up for that by giving more money. These governments are allies with Israel – or are they? They must straighten out their moral consciouses. They criticize their ally and fund terrorism. Does something seem a bit twisted?

Dear world, stop funding terrorism!


New Israeli Prime Minister
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