French organization says it’s illegitimate to have a Jewish state

by Leah Rosenberg

Why is the world so against a Jewish state? Israel is the most moral country, but anti-Semites don’t care about morality. So can Israel ever win?

The Jewish State

Israel is a Jewish state. It has been for thousands of years. God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. There is enough evidence that proves the Jewish connection and the Jewish history in Israel. Anyone who wants the truth can easily access it. But some do not care what the truth says. They will discriminate against Israel anyway.

Does a Jewish state mean that it discriminates against people of other faiths and religions? Absolutely not! The opposite! Israel accepts others and offers freedom to those who want it. Muslims, Christians, and Jews walk side by side in the streets of Israel. Anyone who tries to demonize Israel does not care about what Israel truly stands for. All they care about is destroying Israel. They won’t succeed. Because ultimately, good will prevail. And Israel is the only good in the Middle East!

Is Israel “Illegitimate?”

Why do so many question Israel’s legitimacy? What other country or nation is questioned about the legitimacy of its very existence? This double standard has been taken too far.

It is one thing to criticize Israel, but it is another thing to delegitimize it. Israel is far from perfect. And the Jewish state will admit they are not perfect! But they strive for good, truth, and democracy. They are accepting, caring, and have done more good for the world than most other countries. So enough! Questioning Israel’s right to exist is just ridiculous.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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