Terror victim’s father attends protest to share an unbelievable message

by Leah Rosenberg

Chaim Silverstein is the father of Shira, a terror victim in the attack outside of Ofra.  Shira and her husband, along with their families have inspired many people in Israel and abroad with their messages of hope and strength in the face of terror.  Chaim came to the protest in Jerusalem in order to encourage the government to take a stronger stance against terror.  His daughter and son-in-law, meanwhile, were recovering from gunshot wounds in the hospital.

Chaim’s daughter was nearly killed in a terror attack outside of Ofra.  But his daughter who was pregnant, lost her baby in the attack.  Rather than wallow in pity over the tragic short life of their first grandchild, Chaim chose to stand up and encourage the government to take strong action.

Peace Through Strength

Chaim understands that we have a strong government that needs to stand up to terror.  Israel needs to go back to a strong policy of deterrence in order to uproot the terror.  Every single citizen should be able to feel safe at any bus stop anywhere in the entire Land of Israel.  Chaim embodies this message of hope and strength

There are many people in Israel who remember the time right after the Six Day War.  They claim that it was the safest time in the history of the State of Israel.  When Israel stands up strong and defeats – yes defeats – the enemy, the situation improves.  It even resembles something like peace.  But when Israel discusses peace and confidence building gestures, this broadcasts weakness.  In the Middle East, strength is the only thing that leads to peace.


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