The biggest myth about apartheid that you will ever hear

by Leah Rosenberg

This video gives the best arguments how to fight those who cry cried out “Israeli apartheid.” Those anti-Israel lies have to be combatted with the truth!

People Are Against The Jewish State

Before even listening to all these “Israeli apartheid” lies, you have to realize that many people are anti-Israel and antisemitic (which is really one and the same).

So of course, these Israel-haters are going to spread lies about the Jewish state.

Understanding that can allow you to realize that obviously organizations and groups that are antisemitic are going to attempt to demonize Israel based off of their false beliefs.

And now, you can use the arguments from this video to fight them!

Is There Really Israeli Apartheid?

No. There is no such thing as Israeli apartheid. Does it seem so crazy? You can come to Israel and see for yourself. You will not have to look far and wide to see the Arab sitting next to the Jew sitting next to the Christian on the bus and the train.

In Israel, Muslims can vote. Arabs serve in the Knesset, the Israeli government system.

They work in restaurants. They serve in the army. The list goes on.

When people who say they like to fight for human rights call Israel an apartheid state, they cheapen the real apartheid that took place in South Africa.

It is degrading to those who have experienced true apartheid.

So, stop calling Israel an apartheid state. Get the facts straight.

“Palestinians” Prefer Israel

Over half of the “Palestinian” people who live in East Jerusalem would rather be Israeli citizens than citizens of a theoretical “Palestinian” state.

That fact speaks loudly. If Israel was truly discriminating against the “Palestinians,” then these “Palestinians” would not want to live under Israeli control.

Maybe the world should start caring about the facts!

Dr. Risch

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