The South African who slammed the world for calling Israel an apartheid state

by Avi Abelow

Olga Meshoe is a passionate South African woman.  She is passionate about Africa and passionate about making sure the world knows that Israel is NOT an apartheid state.

Hooked on Israel

Olga spoke at a special program at Columbia University, New York City, sponsored by the college organization Students Supporting Israel (SSI).

Olga did not used to be active for Israel. However, her father, and her own research changed that. Today Olga stands up for Israel, and takes her passion around the world.

Olga explains that she is “hooked on” Israel for two reasons:

1. She has a passion to see justice for all people.
2. Her passion for Africa.

Why does she spend so much time and effort explaining that Israel is NOT an apartheid state because of her passion for Africa? As Olga explains it, it has to do with the actual facts and modern history of Africa.

Back in the 1950s through 1970s, Israel helped many African countries with energy, water, infrastructure and agriculture. All that ended when the Arab countries promised African countries oil in exchange for dropping assistance and all relations with Israel. Since then, African countries have been in decline.

Listen to Olga

While the video of Olga’s presentation is 45 minutes, I highly suggest watching every minute. Too many people are brainwashed to believe the lies of the anti-Israel crowd that Israel is an apartheid state. Olga breaks it all down so people can better understand the truth about Israel.

We are blessed to have people who are so passionate about Israel and Africa. We look forward to the day that African countries once again welcome all the help and assistance that Israel can give them to improve their countries. Little by little, things are changing in this realm as well.

While many African countries still vote against Israel in the United Nations, we are seeing this pattern also change – little by little.

At the end of the day, the truth about the goodness of Israel, and the lie of Israel being an apartheid state will be understood.  Anyone who truly cares about truth and justice will see this. We are just not there yet, because of the social pressure to believe the lies against Israel.

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