With Biden At The Helm, America Faces Multiple Existential Threats – Can It Survive?

by David Mark

There is a growing feeling in America and around the world that the USA is facing its most dangerous moment since the rise of Hitler and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Led by a president who grows more outwardly senile by the day and administration officials as well as congressional leaders more interested in pushing their woke agenda, America’s enemies appear to have the upper hand. Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China are not only becoming dangerous to their neighbors, but together pose a serious threat to the United States of America.

Unlike 1941, when FDR rallied America to war, Biden can barely speak without making some sort of unforced error. Chatter in the Beltway about his cognitive abilities has been overtaken by the Main Stream Media openly suggesting that he should not run in 2024.

More importantly American culture has become a vacuous shell of its former self. The younger generations are addicted to social media and pop culture. They are uninformed and uneducated – focusing on gender identification and social justice causes.

With all of this in mind, it is easy to see why America’s enemies stand poised to overtake it. All societies fall due to internal moral decay and corruption rather than the force of war itself. In America’s case – its leadership and society may have already peaked long ago and today’s wold is witnessing its zenith.

If America wants to survive and rally in the face of the coming storm, it needs to recognize that it must be a nation of righteousness and morality. If not, it risks losing everything.

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