Does Iran Have The Largest Criminal Organization In The World?

by Phil Schneider

Iran is not the largest criminal organization in the world. China is. But Iran is 90 million strong with 400,000 Shiite strong terrorists. They run a physical terrorist organization, a narco-terrorist organization via Latin America, and a cultural terrorist organization via schools, books, and Mosques. All of these threaten the West. Ken Abramowitz from explains and asks, “Is this a religion?”

The point is crystal clear. What masquerades as a religion is actually a radical terrorist movement that is taking practical steps to attack the West in multiple ways. It is not only via physical terror that the West is being threatened. The west is under attack ideologically and via narcotics.

One of the worst by-products of the unbridled immigration that has plagued America over the last couple of years has been the illegal import of dangerous narcotics that destroy the lives of so many young and mature people. Much of this originates in Iran.

So, when Biden and Obama are accused of being soft on Iran, note that this is having a direct and indirect impact on everyone in the West. This is not only about making sure that Iran does not threaten Israel with a nuclear bomb.

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