Should Jews organize “days of rage” during Biden’s visit to protect Jerusalem?

by Ezequiel Doiny

On July 8, 2022 Jack Engelhard wrote in Arutz 7 “Biden coming to fix what ain’t broke- Israel is the most stable country in the neighborhood, so why does Biden think it needs fixing? And his fixing record is a disaster…

“Under Trump, America was energy independent…until Biden decided to “fix” this. 

“The border? He fixed this, too.  Until Biden came along, the border with Mexico was relatively tight and under control. Biden opened it up so that America is now in the midst of an invasion.   

“For all that, plus inflation, plus rampant crime, all due to Woke policies, Biden’s approval ratings are in the tank.  
“In fact, Woke-ism in running out of favor throughout the United States. The proof of that came when Squad member Ilhan Omar was booed by her own people in Minnesota.  

“Biden will be arriving to Israel with a weak hand. The Israelis need keep that in mind in the event that he comes to “fix things” for Israel and the Middle East.”

Biden’s position is even weaker if one considers evidence of election fraud. On July 8, 2022 the Gateway Pundit reported “The Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Governance Committee voted unanimously in a voice vote to officially reject the certification of the 2020 Presidential Election.  Similar resolutions have passed unanimously in Wisconsin and Texas…The Maricopa County full forensic audit and the “2000 Mules” documentary showcased massive findings of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.  Both investigations discovered a total of hundreds of thousands of illegal or fraudulent or questionable votes in the 2020 Election…NOW, THEREFORE, We reject the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States. We strongly urge all Republicans to work to ensure election integrity and correct all fraud and weaknesses identified in the 2020 Election.”

Biden is considered an illegitimate President by half of America, why does Lapid think he has no choice but to make concessions that would endanger Israel?

On July 8, 2022 ZOA reported “…A “true friend of Israel” and fighter against antisemitism, would not pursue numerous policies undermining Israel’s sovereignty and security that President Biden and his administration are pursuing and would not just ignore, but actually praise antisemites in Congress, and issue a new erroneous anti-Israel report that an Israeli bullet killed an Arab journalist.   Nor would “a true friend of Israel” take advantage of Israel’s caretaker government to make visits to symbolic Palestinian Authority institutions in eastern Jerusalem. Former Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon noted that these Biden visits are unprecedented and were “created to pave the way for the U.S. administration to challenge Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem.”

Biden’s visit is not friendly, he is not coming to “mediate negotiations”, he is coming to divide Jerusalem and give control of the border with Jordan to the Palestinians. The Jewish Voice reported “This coming week, President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Israel as part of a larger tour of the Middle East.  The presidential visit, planned several months ago, is scheduled to proceed despite the dissolution of the Israeli government and the onset of elections – a conspicuous departure from US policy reiterated by President Obama under similar circumstances in 2015: “I’m declining to meet with [Prime Minister Netanyahu] simply because our general policy is we don’t meet with any world leader … weeks before their elections,” Obama explained. 
 “According to media reports, Interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid intends to welcome President Biden with a number of “gestures” that the US administration has requested as a means of “improving the atmosphere” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. 

  “The Biden Administration has announced its intention to re-open the consular building in eastern Jerusalem that was shut down during the Trump Administration, when the US Embassy was relocated to Israel’s capital.   The new-old diplomatic installation is slated to serve Arabs only – and would, in everything but name – be an embassy to Palestine: The US recently upgraded the status of the Office for Palestinian Affairs, restructuring the chain of command and removing it from the auspices of the US Embassy in Israel.  This unit, unlike any other in the world, now operates in the center of western Jerusalem; moving it to a dedicated eastern Jerusalem facility would essentially re-divide Jerusalem – constituting a violation of US law, Israeli law and international diplomatic protocol.  

“In addition, President Biden has scheduled a first-of-its-kind visit to eastern Jerusalem, an official visit that has not been coordinated through normal diplomatic channels and will which not be accompanied or attended by representatives of the State of Israel. A visit of this kind constitutes a violation of US law, which recognizes Jerusalem – in its entirety – as the united capital of Israel, and the government of Israel as the sole recognized sovereign in the city.  

“The third “gesture” sought by the Biden Administration would see Palestinian Authority Police at Israel’s eastern border: The Biden Administration has asked Israel to allow an official PA presence at the Allenby Crossing, the international border between Israel and Jordan and the gateway to Israel’s Jordan Valley. Reports are that Interim Prime Minister Lapid intends to acquiesce – despite the danger to Israel’s security and the shadow this would cast on Israeli sovereignty.”

When Israel signed the Oslo Accords it was agreed Israel would control the borders, now Biden wants the Palestinian Authorithy to control the border with Jordan, since Hamas is the most likely successor to Abbas  who is 87 this would mean handing the Allenby Crossing to Hamas. 

Under the Oslo Accords the Palestinian State was supposed to be demilitarized, if Hamas controls the border with Jordan who will prevent weapon smuggling? Hamas? Or perhaps Biden will give guarantees? Like he did to the government of Afghanistan before he surrendred to the Taliban? Or perhaps like he gave to Israel when he promised Israel that Iran would never obtain nuclear weapons?

Biden is “committed to opening a Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem” dividing the city. On May 31, 2022 Arutz 7 reported “Following reports that American plans to open a consulate to the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem had been shelved, for which former Bennett aide Shimrit Meir took the credit, senior American officials in the U.S. State Department have clarified that they remain “committed to opening a Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem.”  “We continue to believe it can be an important way for our country to engage with and provide support to the Palestinian people,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a briefing to reporters Tuesday.”

Biden has been pushing to divide Jerusalem by opening a Palestinian Consulate in Jerusalem since Bennett became PM. Caroline Glick wrote “The day after Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett formed their government, Biden administration officials threw a diplomatic hand grenade at them. Monday administration officials told reporters “unofficially” that President Joe Biden intends to appoint Hady Amr, his Assistant Secretary of State for Israel and the Palestinians to serve as U.S. Consul General to the Palestinians — in Jerusalem.

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