What Happened To Our Right To Self Defense?

by Phil Schneider

There is no question that the sense of security that a person needs to feel is a basic right and need that everybody has. The greatest threat to personal freedom across the USA has come from the massive Black Lives Matter movement. This is not a passing phenomenon. It is actually still going on now – but without as many massive rallies. Today, the norms of those riots have taken over many of the major cities of America on a constant trickle level.

There will be many instances of people standing up to crime and violence in order to preserve their security. But as opposed to the past, today, more and more people who do the job that the police is becoming unable to do, will find themselves under the attack of progressive D.A.’s who seem to never blame the perpetrators for their crimes.

San Francisco, Chicago, and New York are three examples of cities that have absurd norms in place now. But the disturbing trend is still spreading across more cities. The backlash will come – probably at the ballot box in the midterm elections of 2022. But, if people still feel unsafe at home after Congress starts getting it’s House in order , they will get up and move. California is seeing a massive wave of migration to Texas and Florida, and Chicago and New York will probably soon follow. Some say it has already begun.

The issue is not so much about the right to bear arms. It is about the right to live in security due to an effective police force. Today’s policemen and policewomen have been so maligned by BLM that even if they have body cams, policemen and policewomen serve in fear of finding themselves behind bars for use of excessive force – especially when dealing with crimes in minority communities.

Plain and simple – this doesn’t work. Instead, what is occurring is that record numbers of police officers are choosing early retirement and there is a severe lack of policemen and policewomen patrolling the streets. The Black Lives Matter, an anarchist and blame-the-white-people-for-everything movement is getting their way in too many places. More and more streets of major cities are chaotic and unsafe. The change for the better will not come until their is sufficient manpower on the streets.

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