Israeli PM Lapid’s “Gift” to Biden – the Palestinian State

by Micha Gefen

While Biden’s team insists there will be no new “peace” plan, Israel PM Lapid seems to believe otherwise.

Watch the above update by Avi Abelow to understand what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Meanwhile Meir Deutch of Regavim said the following on the government’s plan to cut off Gush Etzion from Jerusalem:

“This is a catastrophe that must be averted – immediately. Saar, Shaked, Kahana, Elkin, Hendel, Orbach – you were elected on right-wing votes because you promised to protect the Jewish settlement enterprise. You handed Yair Lapid his seat in the Prime Minister’s office, and you are the reason Benny Gantz is Minister of Defense. It is your responsibility to block this insane plan to whitewash thousands of illegal structures that will cut off Jewish settlement blocs from Jerusalem and give permanence to the criminal Palestinian takeover of Area C.”

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