CCP TESTS BIDEN: China Breaches Taiwan’s Air Defense

by David Mark

Somethings are bigger than business deals. The CCP regime in Beijing had assumed that Biden’s connection through his son to the CCP would give them overt control over White House foreign policy. In the initial days of he Biden administration we see that their calculation may have been premature.

The assumption by the CCP regarding Taiwan was that a President Biden and his team being sinophiles, would be easily swayed to change course from the previous administration. The problem for the CCP is that the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s last few decisions regarding direct recognition of diplomatic relations with Taiwan, as well as slamming Beijing for their genocide of the Uygurs has put a stumbling block in changing course. It appears that like Trump’s strategy in the Middle East, Biden’s team has accepted the change in US strategy for China.

In a sense, former President Trump went out of his way to box in the incoming Biden administration to a trajectory that it would be hard to diverge from without confirming that Biden is compromised by the CCP. It is clear that most Americans were largely in support of Trump’s stance on China as well as the Middle East peace deals. Team Biden has no choice but to continue the strategy.

CCP Goes After Taiwan

Within the last 24 hours, in response to President Biden inviting the Taiwanese liaison in Washington D.C., the CCP has sent fighter jets into Taiwan’s defensive space. While, the Chinese army remained far enough away from Taiwan, the incursion acted as a fresh test on Biden’s malleability.

It’s true that through President Biden’s son there is strong influence from Beijing, but the new President will need to show some sort of force in order to prove that it is not coopted by the Communist regime.

If not, China will be able to retake Taiwan, putting Australia and Japan next in line.

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