Politico employees enraged after Ben Shapiro writes for them

by Phil Schneider

Politico is not known as a super liberal publication. But it clearly has a rather anti-Conservative leaning. But Ben Shapiro was too much of a threat for many of the Politico editors. It is a scary time when the forces of liberalism have jumped over the line and become forces of censorship in the left-wing vs. right-wing anti free speech battle.

Glenn Beck is not just a controversial TV show personality. He is also quite hilarious. This discussion of how Ben Shapiro can actually be considered someone that must be censored should scare anybody concerned with the status of free speech in the United States of today.

Let’s clarify a few things. Ben Shapiro, in a very public manner, did not support the election of Donald Trump in the election of 2016. He did not support Hillary Clinton either. He publicly claimed that he did not support either one, but the hoped that Donald Trump would surprise and bring more positive policies to the United States of America than did the Obama administrations. This was a rather gutsy and unpopular stance among his following. But he stuck with it. Within the first year of the Trump administration, he came out clearly saying that he does not associate or agree with much of the personality traits of Donald Trump. He was appalled at the insults that Donald Trump, candidate and President, hurled at others. But, he was extremely impressed with the policy positions of the Trump administration on Iran, immigration, and fiscal policy. That changed Shapiro’s mind and led him to support the reelection of Donald Trump.

But since he was a conservative and not a Never Trump supporter, Shapiro was too much for the Politico newspaper. It is truly a scary time in North America when people like Ben Shapiro, one of the most clear-headed and cool-headed conservatives is also being censored. If the United States has a future, this will boomerang and 2022 and 2024 will see a sweep of Conservatives back into Congress and the White House. If not, and the censorship continues, the United States has a bleak future.

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