The untold friendship between MLK and the Jewish people

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish people and Martin Luther King Jr. defended each other. They had a unique bond that many might not know about.

MLK and the Jewish People

Although many people only think of Martin Luther King Jr. as a hero for the Black community, King also was loved by the Jewish community. What is so beautiful is how close MLK Jr. and the Jewish people were. Some people do not even realize that. Many Blacks and many Jews are unaware of the history between their two people. Martin Luther King Jr. not only fought for the rights of his own, but as mentioned in this video, he stood up for Jewry in the Soviet Union as well. He wanted to fight against injustices everywhere. He fought against antisemitism no matter where it was.

King also defended Israel. He called it “One of the great outposts of Democracy in the world.” He knew the truth about the Jewish state.

MLK Jr. taught a lot to the world. He knew how to protest peacefully. He had a vision for a better society; a better America. Everything he did and said was with G-d in his mind. Martin Luther King Jr. is the image of what it means to fight against injustices but with love and harmony as oppose to hate and violence. He was walking toward a better and more peaceful future as oppose to hating those around him. If only more people could fight for justice the way MLK Jr. did!

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