India, Japan, and Israel Tame Biden’s Misguided Obama-Like Misadventures

by Micha Gefen

From the moment President Biden entered into the Oval Office, the slew of Obama administration hacks that came back seemed to push his administration into one misguided foreign policy decision after another.

As America’s influence on the world stage continues to recede, new alliances are forming to take its place. After years of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) leading America into endless foreign wars, bankrupting the country, both right and left have looked for ways to leave the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific in the hands of loyal proxies.

For the Obama-Biden group, their vision was a Shiite hegemony in charge of enforcing their version of stability on the Middle East. As far as the Indo-Pacific, Biden’s ties to Beijing clearly made the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) the preferred candidate for regional leadership.

In contrast to the above, Former President Trump’s team understood that a new order was beginning to rise on the back of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s outreach work during the Obama years. The Sunni-Arab, Israel, India, Australia, and Japanese alliance has been brewing for some time. Now, as ties have grown and realities on the ground continue to reenforce the need for a new global paradigm, this alliance is becoming key to putting a halt on Chinese-Iranian-Turkish expansion.

The reality of this alliance has put the Biden administration in its place for the time being. While the Deep State in America supports cozying up to Iran and working with the CCP, the overt nature of the policies Biden was pushing have now been tossed into the hands of bureaucratic henchmen to find ways of pushing things forward regardless of the opposition from longstanding allies.

In the meantime, the Blinken camp and the traditional military wing of the Biden administration appears to have convinced the White House to take a strong stand against the Ayatollahs. This may be cover for other activities, but for now it is sign that the newest global alliance has some real teeth to it.

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