Iranian Ayatollah reveals why Muslims kill Jews and Christians

by Avi Abelow

Jews and Christians have been persecuted by Muslims for centuries. Why? Well, according to Muslims like these, it’s justified.

Why Muslims Persecute Jews and Christians

Ayatollah Mohammad Saidi justifies why Muslims murder Jews and Christians. His Friday sermon here makes it seem like it’s acceptable because they do not submit to Allah, and they have “religious, moral, and practical deviations.” This is how many Muslims are taught. This is what their leaders preach to them. The result? Muslims killing countless innocent people for practicing religion. Many Muslims are intolerant toward others because of this twisted belief system.

Not all Muslims are taught this way or believe this. But this school of thought is poisoning the world and causing bloodshed.

Murdering and persecuting others for believing differently than you is immoral and sick. It is a mindset like this that brings the world down instead of raising it up.

In Judaism, the Rabbi of a synagogue often gives a sermon on Friday night or Shabbat day. It is usually filled with words of inspiration and a desire to make the world a more peaceful place. If only the radical Muslim world had these same values, imagine how much different the world would be.

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