Bibi calls on the world to help the oppressed people of Iran

by Leah Rosenberg

PM Bibi Netanyahu is calling on the world to help the suffering people of Iran. He describes a “tough story.” Will anyone heed the call?

Oppressed Iranians

The Iranian people are not free. They live under an oppressive regime who spends money on terrorism and nuclear weapons. Their leaders don’t spend the money to improve the economy, the environment, or the pollution.

Women fear being arrested or beaten if they remove their hijab.

Democracy is non-existent in the oppressive Iranian regime.

Does the world care? Do environmentalists care that there is air pollution filling the streets? Does the United Nations want to do anything?

The story that Bibi Netanyahu speaks of is a story that represents anyone and everyone in Iran. It represents every oppressed Iranian citizen.

Bibi Netanyhu Speaks Up

How many world leaders are speaking up on behalf of the suffering and the oppressed? Israel’s leader is. For all the liberal people out there who want to solve the world’s problems, they should be commending PM Netanyahu for publicly calling on the world to help Iranians and to give them a voice. They should be noting the fact that Israel is calling for world peace.

Israel’s Problems

Israel certainly has enough of its own problems, yet they still care about others. Hamas is firing rockets at Israel in an attempt to destroy lives. Israelis fear the dreaded siren indicating a rocket attack, which could happen at any second. Despite this, Bibi Netanyahu still cares about those suffering around the world – even in an enemy country. He definitely has enough on his mind running a country like Israel, but he won’t just ignore what’s happening in Iran.

And Bibi really represents what the Jewish people are all about – what they stand for. Jews care about the suffering and the oppressed. They don’t turn a blind eye.

That is what is so wonderful about Israel and the Jewish people.


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