Israeli doctors go to Ethiopia to perform life-saving surgeries

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli doctors are not just saving lives in their own country, but they are saving lives all over the world. And they are doing it for free.

Israeli Doctors go to Ethiopia

Israeli doctors traveled to Ethiopia – and not for vacation. A group of doctors from Hadassah Medical Organization went to Ethiopia to deliver medical care to those in need. For free! Some of these people were left untreated for years. Ethiopia does not always have the types of specialists needed to help the patients..

These Israeli doctors gave hope to those who thought their situation couldn’t improve. One of the surgeons, Dr. Josh Schroeder, said, “When I was an intern, I volunteered in Africa. Now, as a trained surgeon, I have more to give.”

When you take a look at the work that these doctors did, you’ll want to share it with the world. People need to know what Israel is doing in Ethiopia!

More Volunteering in Africa

These Israeli doctors who went to Ethiopia were not the first Israeli volunteers in Africa. Different people and organizations have helped various communities in Africa. For example, some communities needed clean water. Israel was there to help. And some places like Nigeria needed better education. Again, Israel heeded the call.

Israel is there to help in the different situations. Sometimes, it’s doctors who volunteer. And other times, it’s just “regular” people who want to do something positive; something life-changing.

Whoever it is and whatever they do, these Israeli volunteers are selfless. And it’s really amazing to see!

So next time you hear someone question what Israel is really doing, show them the truth. Because Israel deserves it.

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