Bernie Sanders says he is a Proud Jew But he is Really an Antisemite

by Avi Abelow

Israel Hayom columnist Caroline Glick explains exactly why Democratic candidate for President Bernie Sanders is an antisemite. And yes, even though he was born a Jew.

While he continuously says that he is a “proud Jew”, the only thing he talks about being proud of is the lesson, “as a Jew”, of the holocaust about the horrors of extremism and white-nationalism. That has nothing to do with being a Jew. And no correlation to having a Jewish identity. He is just born a Jew, to Jewish parents who were communists.

Bernie is a communist. Commusism was and is about destroying every religion, including Judaism.

Not only that, when American Jewry was actively struggling for the communist Soviet Union to free Soviet Jewry from Soviet oppression, Bernie Sanders was silent, inactive in one of the most pressing human rights struggles of the time for the Jewish people. Bernie was a communist, who was busy visiting the Soviet Union and preaching to Americans on how it should learn from the communist Soviet Union. He did nothing to assist his fellow Jewish brethren stuck behind the Soviet Iron Curtain.

Americans must wake up and see through the slick socialist soundbytes of Bernie Sanders.

He might not hate Jews, but as a communist, he hates Judaism. And he surrounds himself with the biggest Jew-haters in American politics today.

Bernie Sanders is an antisemite. This is a new kind of antisemitism, coming from a Jew who professes to be a proud Jew. But don’t let his words, or Jewish followers convince you otherwise, the movement he is leading is totally antisemitic.

We Jews, and Israel, will survive Bernie Sanders’s antisemitism. We have survived over 2,000 years of Jew-hatred in all different forms. It is not us I’m worried about, it’s America that won’t survive if this progressive Jew-hating group in the Democratic party are not stopped.

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