This Interview Is A Problem For Leftwing Antisemites

by Phil Schneider

Nissim Black is interviewed by Mordechai Yosef in this up-close & personal interview. Nissim is one in a million. His talents became known to millions when he was an African-American rap star. But then, he went through a massive transformation and became an Orthodox Jew. But he didn’t leave his talents behind. He brought it along into his new Orthodox lifestyle.

Nissim Black talks about God openly while Mordechai Yosef brings their conversation into the level of practical living as an African American Orthodox Jew in the Land of Israel. He tears apart the stereotypes that so many people have about African American people.

Nissim and Mordechai Yosef inspires via a deep pride in their African American heritage. They have not rejected their past life as much as they have embraced a new lifestyle that raises up much of their previous values to a different level. Nissim has overcome his fears and has brought his message of Godliness via his special talents to people via the medium of hip-hop and rap music. Nissim has an inspiring message to overcome our fears and go forward in our missions to create and accomplish our goals. His sincerity is evident as he explains that he also has trouble with change, yet charges ahead to keep creating more and more.

Nissim opens up and inspires us all to be able to go after our dreams and to not let fear overtake us in our path of serving God in our own unique way.

Dr. Risch

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