Bereaved Father of IDF Soldier Shares the Touching Message of His Fallen Son

by Leah Rosenberg

Sergeant first class Amit Ben Yigal was killed while protecting the Jewish people. As an IDF soldier, he was proud to defend his country.

The Story of One Fallen IDF Soldier

Hearing Amit’s father speak about his fallen son, his only child, is terribly heartbreaking. Amit was killed in May 2020 during a counterterrorism operation when the terrorist threw a large rock on top of his head. Amit was a strong IDF soldier who knew that he was defending his people and his land. It is unbelievable that Amit’s mindset was, “Don’t worry about yourself. Always remember that there’s an entire country behind you.” He didn’t think about himself when he went to defend Israel, and that is unreal. That is a difficult mindset to have.

Amit seemed to have passed that mindset on to others, including his own father. His father could have ended his own life because of his grief. But he didn’t. He chose to continue living and remember his son. He chose to ensure that the entire nation of Israel remembers his son and his heroism.

Stories like these should be spread across the internet. It shows the truth about IDF soldiers and how they are just humans defending their people from terrorism and enemies. It shows that IDF soldiers are not evil or oppressive. And it shows how their families just want them home safely, and when they don’t come home, they have trouble continuing on.

Compare that with the prevalent culture amongst “Palestinians” who happily send their children out to die.

May Amit Ben Yigal and his dedication to Israel be remembered forever.


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