Virginia Teacher’s Speech Quitting Over Critical Race Theory Goes Viral

by Phil Schneider

Ground Zero of the battle for the minds of the future is the public school system of the United States. The fight for the minds of young boys and girls – no, the lives of children – there are no boys and girls anymore – is now in full swing. The answer, according to this teacher, is to leave the Public School system and move to private schools.

The fight is on. And parents need to know today that freedom of speech is being tossed out the window. The radical left is now enormously powerful and will target their enemies in anti-constitutional manners. But it doesn’t matter – because Facebook, Twitter, and other social media programs have so much power that misinformation is anything that the radical left doesn’t want to hear. Incitement and misinformation are now terms that are used to silence teachers, publicists, politicians, and anyone in important places of power.

Yes – it is now a fascist-oriented radical left that is dominating the minds of people today. What is fascinating is that so few people in America today seem to realize that totalitarianism is now a powerful force in the United States today. Medical coercion is not very different than mind coercion. The classical ideas of liberal thinkers today are being thrown out the window in order to destroy whatever is left from the right-wing movement. And the schools are now the main target. A simple thing of sending one’s child to a public school is now a controversial decision that one needs to think twice about before doing.

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