Taliban Seizes Billions of Dollars in Weaponry and Vehicles Abandoned by US Army

by Leah Rosenberg

President Joe Biden decided to pull the presence of the US Army from Afghanistan. And what a disastrous decision that was!

As the US Army Leaves Afghanistan, Taliban Seizes Weapons

Everything about this situation is horrifying. President Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan after 20 years of the US army’s presence has put millions upon millions in danger. The Taliban is not a peace partner. They are not a normal government that will run a country with human rights and women’s rights. No, quite the opposite.

They have already begun their violent madness, shooting and torturing people in the streets. They have seized US-made weaponry, and it is unclear exactly how much even. But to give an estimate right now: 600,000 guns, 75,000 armored vehicles, and 200 planes. This is NOT good.

Men, women, and children who had been living their lives are now being subjected to the Taliban. Their hopes and dreams have been crushed. How can Biden just sit back and watch this happen? What was he thinking – what was his administration thinking?

The world needs a lot of prayers right now. At the end of the day, everything Biden or any other leader does is all from G-d. And we need to pray to Him that He reveals His Good to the world speedily in our days.

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