Ben Shapiro goes off on ridiculous UN statistics

by Phil Schneider

The UN was created in order to bring peace to the world, and preserve peace wherever possible. It has had a few isolated positive accomplishments. Yes, the formation of the State of Israel is one of them. The UN undoubtedly had a critical hand in that fateful vote of 1947. But the bulk of the time, the United Nations has been a place for representatives of all of the nations of the world to get together, sit down, hear a lot of speeches, and pass rather useless resolutions that are more biased against Israel than any other place in the entire world.

A Body for World Peace

The UN is indeed the best place for representatives of the entire world to come together and try to work things out to preserve the peace. The problem is that the morals of the decision-making bodies of the United Nations are decided upon based on the ridiculous concept of one vote for each country. So a tiny country with a few hundred thousand people has a vote and say that is equal to a country with 100 million people.

What needs to be done is to revamp the structure of the UN in order to provide more power and say to the large countries who truly do dominate the world. The problem is that China, Russia, and some other powerful countries are not exactly the most peace-loving nations either. So, where should the peace-promoters come from? The answer is that indeed – even in Russia and China – there are unique individuals who do strive to bring peace to their nations. The United Nations should be the place where leaders of problematic countries send the peace promoters in order to keep them out of their countries. By so doing, the UN may not become a body with much ability to implement. But at least, it would evolve into a genuine moral compass for the world by world renown peace-promoters. Basically the UN will never bring peace to the world. But it could be a strong mouthpiece to advance peace and serve the world in a positive way. Today, the UN is basically just a bully pulpit to antagonize Israel and do very little else that matters.

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