BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti has been exposed for his lies on live TV

by Leah Rosenberg

Daniel Pomerantz of Honest Reporting completely shut down the BDS co-founder. The best part is that he used Omar Barghouti’s own words to show how Barghouti lies!

BDS Co-Founder is a Liar

The BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti tries to make the BDS Movement seem like it is some type of human rights organization. He tries to make it seem like it is an organization that helps the oppressed. The problem is that he lies. Barghouti’s goal is to destroy the state of Israel, and he has made that clear on many occasions. He does not believe Israel should exist at all.

The interviewer asked Daniel Pomerantz, “How can one be critical of Israel and Israel’s policies without being labeled anti-semitic?” Well, being critical of Israel is allowed. It is a democracy. But it is about the fact that people seek the destruction of Israel; they do not just criticize it. BDS singles out Israel only, as Pomerantz says. He said, “And it is the only one that is singled out by BDS, not for criticism, but for total destruction.”

BDS Even Harms Arabs in Israel

Not only does Barghouti lie about the goal of the BDS Movement, but his movement has also caused Arabs in Israel to suffer. For example, they had a SodaStream branch closed down in Judea and Samaria. But guess who worked at that branch? Not only Jews – Arabs too! And the BDS Movement caused those Arabs to lose their jobs. What a shame!

The BDS Movement not only harms Israel, but it harms all upstanding citizens of the State of Israel – Arabs as well.

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