How a murdered 19-year-old Israeli inspired 5,000 works of embroidery

by Chaya Cikk

This is how a murdered 19-year-old Israeli is remembered. She inspired so many people to come together. Over 5,000 people came and did some embroidery to put together this quilt in her memory. Truly amazing!

Video by Tzivia Katsman, GPO
Photography: Chen Hershtik, GPO
Video editing: Einav Lugasi, GPO

Murdered 19-Year-Old

Ori Ansbacher was a beautiful, lively, happy Israeli girl. She loved the land of Israel and loved music and writing songs. Originally, from the city of Tekoa, Ori was doing her national service in a youth center in Jerusalem. She had many friends and was loved by those who knew her. Until her life, unfortunately, was cut short at the age of 19 when she was brutally murdered. As Ori was a happy and friendly girl, her tragic death shook the lives of many around the country.

The Project

This Project was started by a lady called Batsheva Sadan. She, herself lost both her parents in a terrorist attack. After the murder of Ori, she realized that it affected people from all over the world. She requested that everybody interested send in a little square piece of embroidery. Over 5000 people sent in a square. This project is now hanging in the Old City of Jerusalem, the place which is at the heart of Jerusalem, the heart of Israel, and the heart of the Jewish People. This quilt will remain here as Ori will remain in the hearts of everyone she left behind. She is a young woman who will be missed by all.

Furthermore, this project brought so many people from all over the world together. Each square is a memory of Ori. Finally, this is a great way to remember and never forget a beautiful girl whose life was cut short so tragically. Ori is looking down from the heavens and smiling down on all of us.

Motivation for Terror
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