Islamists are preparing to take over America and have already initiated step 1

by Phil Schneider

The campus is the first place of many that is on the sights of the Islamists. They are unquestionably attempting to impact on our lives in many ways that we need to wake up and be aware of before it is too late. The issue is not that Islamists are necessarily targeting America. The target is the entire world. Yes, world domination is the ultimate target. But that is not what all people who are Islamists are looking for. Most are actually looking to live upstanding lives as US citizens. They are not the issue. It’s the radical fringe element that wants to wreak havoc and is heavily funded by dangerous regimes in the Middle East. They are the problem, and we must name the enemy and face them head-on.

Dangerous Minorities

Nearly every country has dangerous minorities. But most countries until recently were not truly threatened by that group. And if they were threatened, it was not an existential threat. But today, the world has changed. The radical Islamic threat is a world wide threat that has taken over the communist threat. The whole idea of the reality of an Islamic Bomb seems to have gone to the head of way too many people. All of a sudden, dreams of world domination have begun to take root among large groups of Islamic populations in the West.

There is a way to combat this. The key is to control immigration before immigration becomes the key facet of a world takeover by the radical Islamic groups. We don’t need to use our imaginations to understand the threat. We just need to look at Europe – France, Sweden, Germany, and other countries that have allowed new immigrants to flood their borders. The future of all of these countries is clear. The most common name of young children in these countries is Mohammed. If we don’t want this to happen in America, it’s time we wake up and smell the coffee.

Col. Kemp

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