Ben Shapiro destroyed the world’s view on anti-semitism

by Avi Abelow

Ben Shapiro defines exactly where the big threat towards the Jewish people in the United States and Europe is coming from.  In lieu of the Pittsburgh tragedy, Ben explains that the anti-semitic rhetoric of the left is much more prevalent.  Yes, he explains that President Trump should call out the alt-right elements within his supporters, and agrees that antisemitism does exist on the right.  However, this does not compare to the mainstreaming of antisemitism that we are witnessing from the left.

The Sound of Silence

Complete silence when known personas, like Farrakhan, Linda Sarsour and others say antisemitic statements. And silence when Jews are murdered for being Jews in Israel and other places. Obama’s reaction to the horrible antisemitic killing of Jews in a supermarket in France was that it was “random.”  Only now, after Pittsburgh, some on the left single out President Trump.  No, President Trump is not to blame for this anti-semitic and anti-Trump right-wing lunatic who did the horrible attack in Pittsburgh. Blaming the President not only will not diminish antisemitism.  It will only lead to its growth.

Louis Farrakhan

This man is an open anti-semite.  He does not hide his views at all.  He has much support from many – and they are all on the left.  Keith Ellison, a central Democratic Party operative is very close with him.  Shapiro points out that the Left “routinely” doesn’t just hob-nob with these people, but mainlines people like this.  That is because Ellison agrees with Farrakhan.

Just over the ocean, Jeremy Corbyn does the same thing whenever Israel and the Arab terrorists in the Gaza Strip fight each other.

So, if a person claims that the death of a Jew in Jerusalem is any different than the death of a Jew in Pittsburgh, they are flat-out wrong.

Ben Shapiro is right-on.

Toxic Atmosphere – Post Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

The post-Pittsburgh synagogue massacre atmosphere is toxic, and I’m scared. I’m scared that we are now going to witness a growth in antisemitism in the USA as most of us have never seen in our lifetimes. One would expect that as a result of such a tragedy the opposite should occur, but it won’t. And that is what I’m scared about.

I will say it like it is, those American Jews who are blaming President Trump for the “growth of antisemitism” in America, are themselves at fault for the growth of antisemitism in America by pushing that narrative!

Fuel in the Fire

Some of them are now saying that President Trump is responsible for the Pittsburgh massacre because his policies are anti-immigrant, anti-free speech, anti-gay etc, all “Jewish values”. Guess what? Blaming President Trump is throwing fuel in the fire for more people on the right to hate Jews!

Forget the fact that President Trump is none of that and not all Jews agree with those progressive values. The danger is that by these American Jews pushing this false narrative they are pushing more people on the right to be like Robert Bowers, to hate Jews.

Some of the Jews on the left are even calling Republicans & Trump supporters “Nazi” supporters, or enabling nazis, because, as they say it, it is “President Trump who is responsible for the murder of the 11 people in the Pittsburgh synagogue”. What do you think this will do to some on the right who don’t know better? It will lead them to dislike or even hate Jews! They are getting lumped together with “nazis”, by some American Jews on the left, just for being a Republican or for supporting President Trump!


This is so sad to witness and so very dangerous because ultimately it is self-destructive. While they think they are standing up against antisemitism, in reality, they are actively helping it grow!

Antisemitism exists. It always has existed and it always will exist. Whether we want to understand it or not, it’s part of the DNA of the world that G-d created. It is not because of conservative policies or progressive policies, it is an irrational hatred of the Jew, regardless of the reason.

Sadly enough, historically, it also grew to mammoth proportions exactly when Jews “made it”, and became as equal as possible. The Spanish Inquisition took place when Jews were advisors to the King and Queen of Spain. The Nazi holocaust took place when Jews made it to the top positions in the courts, academia and culture in Germany, after centuries of discrimination. Yes, we got hurt by antisemitism even when we integrated into the host culture and finally “made it”.

Antisemitism on the left is growing by leaps and bounds, best showcased by University campuses where all people are allowed “safe spaces” except Jews who support Israel. And this despicable situation is tolerated by the Universities and accepted by the mainstream left, with no protest! This is antisemitism.

Then there are the waco antisemites on the right who wrongfully believe Jews run the world and are to blame for everything.

People on the right hate Jews because all Jews control the world, like the ultra-leftist George Soros. And people on the left hate Jews because we control all governments with our “all-powerful Israel lobby”.

Now, the reaction of some Jews on the left to the massacre are giving even more reason for those who disagree with their progressive values to hate Jews.

This does not look good at all, and it is downright scary.

I’m an optimistic guy, and I’m very optimistic about our future in Israel. But seeing the focus of this conversation on antisemitism in the US, after the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre, scares me, a lot. Not because I’m scared of the current level of antisemitism on the right, but because the focus and talking points of the left will spur a growth of antisemitism on both left and right.

In the end, we Jews always all suffer together, left/right/religious/secular etc. We each have our right to our own opinions, and we will always have Jews of all kinds. Our enemies never ask what our political views are or how religious we are. They discriminate against us all, and kill us all, because we are Jews. Period.

I hope this trajectory in growth of antisemitism stops, but I’m afraid it will get much worse before it gets better

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