Ben Affleck joins Barack Obama in igniting the Muslim myth

by Phil Schneider

There are hundreds of millions of Muslims in the world. They are all over the Middle East, and now, they live all over the world. Many of the Muslims that live in the United States have assimilated – in one way or another – into American society. Many of them are therefore not only not threats to the Western lifestyle – they are upstanding citizens who observe the law and contribute much to the American way of life. Therefore, it is so easy for so many people in the United States to think that most Muslims in the world are not radical. Ben Shapiro takes care of this myth.

Most of the Muslims in the world live in the area of the Middle East and Asia. They span from North Africa and all the way to Indonesia. These parts of the world do not resemble the Western world in many ways. They are much less orderly and much more religious. The predominant religion is Islam. But in the 21st century, they have begun to export themselves on a mass level throughout Europe and now the United States. With Europe’s low birthrate, and the immigrant Muslim’s high birthrate, the future of many European countries is very unclear. Within a matter of decades, Sweden, Germany, and France may very well see big chunks of their country that are basically no-go zones for anyone who does not live according to Shariah Law.

The concept of a no-go zone needs to be the red-line that we avoid in the United States. But the way to stay far away from no-go zones is not via legislation after mass immigration, but via legislation before mass immigration leads to havoc. Yes, this is not politically correct. But, if we don’t enact changes before it is too late, our way of life is truly threatened. One may ask, “Why can’t the modern wave of Muslim immigrants assimilate within the United States like the previous Muslim immigrants?” The answer is that things are different today than they were a few decades ago. Radical Islam has become much more of a worldwide threat. So, the only way to control things is to have a process that makes sure that the dangerous non-assimilating and threatening young men are kept out. The families that display a clear intention to live as upstanding citizens and go through a process that will allow them to be productive and learn English should be allowed to come in small groups. But mass immigration will overrun any country over time if it’s not controlled.

Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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