IDF Soldier Firebombed in Hebron as “Intifada” Begins to Brew

by Micha Gefen

An IDF soldier was firebombed in Hebron when an Arab attacked his unit.

During the clashes with “Palestinian” Arabs in Hebron on Monday, a day after an IDF soldier was hit by a Molotov cocktail in the same city, the Border Police officer was struck in the face and video of the incident showed his clothes on fire. On Sunday, an IDF soldier was struck by a Molotov cocktail during clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians in Hebron.

A Border Police spokesperson said that Border Police officers confronted dozens of “Palestinian” Arabs throwing stones in Hebron on Monday. While officers used riot dispersal methods to disperse the “Palestinians,” a Molotov cocktail was thrown at one of the officers. The officer did not require medical care.

Three “Palestinian” Arabs were injured by rubber bullets in Hebron during clashes with Israeli security forces on Monday. Clashes were reported through Judea and Samaria. This includes Hebron and Tulkarem. \

Low Flame Intifada

Since President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” was released there appears to be a concerted effort to keep a low flame Intifada going. With armed clashes against security forces and not direct attacks against civilian, Abbas can keep pressure on Israel and dial it up when necessary.

For Abbas this is a do or die situation. The Trump administration makes no secret about their dislike for him and his family as well as his close confidantes and they would like to see them exit the political stage.

Abbas is using these armed clashes to show that he still has power and relevancy. Yet, does he? We are fast approaching the moment of truth.

Motivation for Terror
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