Arab terrorists hurl firebomb at Israeli bus adding to the list of daily terror

by Leah Rosenberg

Arab terrorists are trying to harm and murder Israelis on a daily basis. And so many of their terrorist acts do not even make it to the news!

Arab Terrorists and Daily Terror

This firebomb that Arab terrorists hurled at an Israeli bus is not the first terrorist attack of its kind. Sadly, Israelis experience various terror attacks everyday in Judea and Samaria and some parts of Jerusalem. EVERYDAY! Thank God this time, the bus did not catch on fire and no one got injured. Rock attacks and firebomb attacks are not rare occurrences. And rocks do not mean tiny pebbles that cause no damage. Arab terrorists hurl LARGE rocks that can murder Jews.

Would you want your children experiencing terror like this everyday?

When Will There be Peace?

There most definitely cannot be peace until Arabs stop hurling firebombs at passing cars and buses. There most definitely cannot be peace when so many Arabs educate their children to hate and murder. And there most DEFINITELY cannot be peace when the “Palestinian” Authority rewards those who murder innocent Israelis.

So until then, we will hope and pray that one day soon, there WILL be peace!


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