Appalling sermon aired on PA TV says Allah turned Jews into apes and pigs

by Leah Rosenberg

What this Sheikh publicly said about the Jewish people is vicious. Calling Jews apes and pigs was not even the worst thing he said!

Preaching that Jews are Apes and Pigs

What kind of sermon is this? Where is the international outcry from the world? Preaching that Jews are apes and pigs is a disgusting thing to do. And then continuing the sermon all about how evil the Jews are will most definitely not bring peace.

Sheikh Osama Al-Tibi said things like, “The Jews bare their fangs whenever they get the chance.” That was the type of rhetoric throughout the entire speech. Hate. Pure hate. There were no positive, encouraging words toward making peace with the Jewish people. That language doesn’t exist for radical muslims.

Does the PA Want Peace?

The “Palestinian” Authority (PA) clearly does not want peace. If they did, they would not allow Sheikh Osama Al-Tibi to give such a hateful sermon about the Jewish people. This only perpetuates more hatred. Speeches like these cause “Palestinians” to want to murder every Jewish person.

You do not hear sermons like this on Israeli TV. Because Israelis teach love and peace. They teach that there is hope for a better future without murder and hate. But until the PA can do the same thing, how can there be peace? How can there be peace when one side wants the other obliterated?

New Israeli Prime Minister
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