U.S. tax money is going to Nazi-loving Louis Farrakhan

by Leah Rosenberg

OAN reports that $364,000 of US tax money has gone to Louis Farrakhan over a span of 10 years.  The Nation of Islam is a dangerous organization.  If they are helping people in jail, odds are that they are turning the people into supporters of Louis Farrakhan and haters of Jews.

1,000 Points of Light

George H. W. Bush made it clear that he believed that the government needs to encourage the points of light program across the United States.  The basic idea was that the government should keep the government out of the lives of most people.  However, the government can give incentives to wonderful organizations in order to encourage them to do good deeds.

The problem is that there are organizations who take advantage of the incentives and hide their true motives.

Government Oversight on Organizations

The government absolutely needs to make it a point to make sure that it’s tax money gets spent properly.  However, during the years of the Obama administration, there was more effort by the tax authorities to oversee the pro-Republican organizations.  This became a controversial issue.  But in truth, it was much more important than people realize.  The power of the tax authorities is enormous.  So, in order to keep things proper, it is very important that a fair system be instituted.  The Farrakhans of the world should not be the recipients of government money.  They do not bring light into the world, but more darkness.


Arab Incitement
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