Arab Sheikh says Israel is not the enemy of the Muslim world

by Leah Rosenberg

Not only does this Arab Sheikh defend Israel against Muslim criticism, but he slams HIS world for creating strife amongst themselves!

Arab Sheikh Defends Israel

This is truly unique. This Arab Sheikh is publicly defending Israel. But what is so amazing is that he blames his own people for all the conflict. The Muslim world loves to blame Israel for everything. But he slams them for that.

It is always easier to blame someone else. No one wants to take responsibility when things go wrong.

And in the Muslim world, Israel and the Jews are often blamed, as this Sheikh points out. Not only in the Muslim world, but other antisemites also blame Israel for things like ISIS, for the conflict in the world, and for anything else they can think of. But as this brave Arab leader points out, Israel is NOT the enemy. ISIS was created by the Muslims. All the issues that this Sheikh named in this video – it was the fault of the Arab world, not the Jews.

Why do Muslims Denounce Peace?

Why are so many Muslims criticizing the peace that is being made between some Arab countries and Israel? Why do they hate peace so much? They should be applauding it! Israel wants peace. They do not want war. They do not want to have enemies. And some Arab countries are starting to wake up to the fact that it is beneficial to have peace with Israel.

Hopefully soon, none of the Arab world will condemn Israel – or those peace-loving Arab countries – for wanting peace. Maybe we are on our way…

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