First blind SCOTUS clerk tells story about ACB that should confirm her to Supreme Court

by Phil Schneider

Judge Barrett is not simply a uniue legal mind, who somehow has raised 7 children at the same time of climbing the ladder of the legal system. She will almost definitely be confirmed due to the Republican majority in the Senate. But it is more than that. Amy Coney Barrett will probably be viewed as a role model by millions of young women in the next few decades for what she represents. She represents integrity, hard work, and an amazing combination of balancing family and career. All values we can all look up to, regardless of political views.

The Supreme Court nomination, vetting, and confirmation process has become a highly politicized and brutal part of the United States political system. It should be an integrity-based process. But, it is OK that it is very political. It is good that the Senate, a body that is voted on by the citizens of the United States, has control over the confirmation process. This insures that the Supreme Court will not merely appoint people on it’s own. The greatest Supreme Court judges should not appoint their successors. The voters should vote in the decision makers. The Executive Branch should nominate, and the Senate should approve or disapprove.

This example of the balance of powers within the separate chambers of the United States government is an excellent example as to why the system of the United States is so good. It is the reason that opponents of either Barack Obama or Donald Trump do not need to be overly concerned about the damage that either will do to the Republic. Of course, the President can do enormous damage in a few years. But most if it can be undone, and if the voters are so appalled by their choice, they can booth them out after four years.

Since the Supreme Court is the only branch of government where an appointment is for life, it makes full sense that the confirmation process should be exhaustive. In the case of Amy Coney Barrett, we are now seeing a star shine. The more they vet, the more they divulge a one-in-a-million personality to be emulated.

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