Israel-Bahrain Peace Moves Forward As the Gulf Prepares For A “Possible” Post Trump USA

by Micha Gefen

Most observers view the present peace accords between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain as a product of President Trump’s outside the box diplomacy. While it may be true Trump pushed these parties together, peace came about out of fear of what is coming.

President Trump may be closing the gap with former VP Joe Biden in battleground statets, but his chances for reelection are slipping away. Even if he would win, it may be pyrrhic given the predicted instability that awaits the USA.

With that in mind, the Gulf States understand that only a pact with Israel now can help the region against an emboldened Iran. The UAE and Bahrain have the most to lose if a Biden administration decides to ressurect Obama era policies visa vi Iran. This is why peace with Israel is a neccessity in order to ensure the maximal amount of support against the Mullahs.

Peace now tiese these two vulnerable Gulf States into a long terms alliance with Israel and even Cyprus and Greece who are facing off against an expanding Turkey. Both Turkey and Iran are working together in hopes of establishing their hegemony over the region.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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