Hezbollah is stockpiling weapons and explosives in Europe for attacks

by Leah Rosenberg

Some act as if Hezbollah is only Israel’s problem – only a problem in the Middle East. But you can see that Europe, America, and others are in danger too.

Europe, America in Danger

Hezbollah is not just trying to destroy Israel. They are trying to destroy the Western World, under the funding and guidance of Iran. Europe is at risk. America is. All those trying to defeat radical Islam are at risk.

Hezbollah is not just in Lebanon or just along Israel’s border.

The world should wake up to the fact that we must defeat Iran and not appease them. Iran is responsible for most of the world’s terrorism. The Iran deal only helps Iran continue to do what it does best: Bring more terrorism to the world. Can Europe wake up to that truth? Hezbollah has stockpiles of weapons and explosives to use. Do they not yet realize that we must stand strong against terrorism and not appease those who are responsible?

Israel’s Enemies are America’s too

The problems in the Middle East are the problems of the world. Some people think Israel is the only one in danger. They like to pretend like Israel’s enemies are not America’s enemies. But that is completely untrue. And this report from a US official proves that. Israel is just often on the frontlines – protecting themselves and the world from Islamic terror.

Standing with Israel means standing against terrorism. It means standing against radical Islam and against those who are trying to destroy the values that the Western World holds so dear.

Don’t leave Israel to fend for itself. Because at the end of the day, Israel’s enemies are America’s enemies. They are fighting the same fight. And joining forces will definitely yield better results. As said in this video,”Take a stand with G-d’s land.”


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